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Il Passo – the café chain with delicious food and kindly service.

Our main pride in the menu are the Döner Kebab and Lahmacun (Turkish pizza). The specialties are prepared in accordance with traditional classic recipes, as our cooks were trained by masters of the Turkish cuisine. We use only fresh and organic products of best quality provided by regional suppliers. And our chef always strives to create a perfect taste of authentic Turkish cuisine.

In the last few years, Oriental and Asian food became widely popular in Ukraine.

What actually is a Döner Kebab? It is sliced meat, normally of chicken, turkey, lamb or veal, with spices, cooked on a vertical rotisserie. Seasoned meat in the shape of an inverted cone is turned slowly against a vertical rotisserie, then sliced vertically into thin, crisp shavings. 




On the sandwich version, the meat is served with tomato, onion, salad, and a special sauce, put in a “fatty” pita.

Sometimes Döner Kebab is served on a plate, with extra bun, and poured with yoghurt sauce.


Döner Kebab’s origins from Bursa, a town not far away from Istanbul. The most popular version is the turkey Doner Kebab, which is sold in almost every city in Europe.

Nowadays a real Döner Kebab is prepared not only in Turkey – with every year its popularity grows bigger. In Germany, for example, it first became a popular meal in Turkish districts, but now it is so popular, that even the Germans consider it as they national food.

Döner Kebab is perfect for active people, who appreciate their time and health. People don’t always have time to prepare homemade food, so ILPASSO can solve the problem of hunger, because here you can quickly eat a nourishing Döner, which gives the power and energy for the rest of the day.

Also ILPASSO is proud if its polite service – the visitors will definitely leave with a great satisfaction.
In warm weather we also offer a summer terrace, with the view of the
Odessa Orthodox Cathedral.

                   We hope everyone finds here their favorite dish and returns to taste another delicious meal.